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What better excuse to begin blogging again than a rainy Thursday in August?
I needed a rainy day.

It's been go go go around here since May really.
What with the transition back to self-employment, renovating and opening up the shop and starting this whole shop girl thing all over again.
Also, parenting (time permitting).

I'm pumped.
There is nothing I enjoy more than retail.
Everything about it is my bag.
Buying, merchandising, marketing, exercising my social skills, taking your hard-earned money. With a smile.

It's been just over 3 weeks since I opened the doors here at 72 Mill Street.
I couldn't be more pleased to be back here with all of you.


ps. if you want to learn a little about my history as an Almonte shop owner, you can find my old blog here.

Emily Arbour
Emily Arbour


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