Hurray for getaways!
Brad and I had a fabulous time in Toronto this weekend.
We went with no agenda except to enjoy our freedom from the barnacles and spend some time with friends.
We flew out on Porter at 5pm on Friday and arrived in TO 45 minutes, one glass of wine and two bags of mixed nuts later.
This, my friends, is the way to travel.
We hit the hotel and zipped right back out to visit our friend Melissa at her place.
Melissa lives in a converted loft in Kensington Market. Incidentally, it's the very same building Brad and I lived in when we first decided cohabitation was for us more than 10 years ago.
Her place is only slightly more fabulous and has a gorgeous rooftop patio.
Melissa writes a great design blog called The Sweet Escape and seizes every opportunity to bring design into her own life.
Stepping onto her patio on Friday night was exactly what it might be like to step into one of her blog posts. I felt like a queen. Also, a little like maybe I shouldn't touch anything.
She had planned a beautiful meal for us and the table was set to perfection.
Not a detail was missed from sweet birdie tumblers to the doily runner to the pineapple pitcher (which I can only assume was vintage because I don't think people design things that "so-ugly-it's-cute" anymore. Maybe Urban Outfitters.) to this...
 ...personalized, handwritten table settings. (I'm like...famous.)
The woman bent those forks herself yo!
It was like a DIY, vintage-inspired, design paradise. Also, it was delicious. That watermelon mint salad is going to be a new staple here at home.
On Saturday, when we were good and done sleeping in, we headed back to the market (old habits die hard) for a little breakfast and some shopping. 
There are several shops in Kensington worthy of my love, but two of my favourites are Good Egg
and Kid Icarus.
I aspire to the coolness that exudes from these lovely shops.
As an anniversary gift to ourselves we decided to purchase this typographical map of our old stomping grounds. I've always wanted an ORK poster, but I haven't been enough worldly places to legitimately be able to call one my own.
And now I'll just put it in the corner of our bedroom for 2 years until I get around to framing the bastard. Or accidentally take it to the Hub like I did with those bridesmaid dresses.
Whichever comes first.
When we were good and done with Kensington, we heel-toed it to Queen Street and just walked our little buns off taking in all the creative window displays and loving our freedom. 
Look how much he's enjoying that coffee. 
Who knew it was so much tastier hot!? 

We must do this again.
Really we must.

Emily Arbour
Emily Arbour


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