Some people's children.

I received a little flack a few weeks ago for something I put on Facebook.

I posted an interaction I had with a customer in the shop.
One of those customers that leaves you feeling like "Hey! Don't talk to me like I'm seven."

I wrote of our baffling conversation and the response of another (totally awesome) customer after this person left the premises (in a huff).

It was pretty tame really.
Like super tame. You should see what I write about my kids.

I didn't use anyone's name, I didn't post a photo, or even the crude (therapeutic) sketch I drew of her from memory once she left. 
And yet, two kind folks were inclined to write me personal emails about how unimpressed they were that I'd use social media as a forum for venting my frustrations.
I suppose they had a right. (Oh don't we allllll).

And I guess I can't assume everyone is going to know where I'm coming from.
I am a complex woman friends.
I am sensitive, I find humour in yucky situations, I don't ever want to hurt anyone.
Never ever. (Unless you're Brad and you just pinched me unexpectedly. A good pinch can ignite a rage/need for revenge in me like no other.)

I love working in customer service and hold myself to a high standard when it comes to what it is I'm doing here. I think many of you could attest that I am darned good at this.
This retail stuff is my calling yo.

I believe strongly in offering great customer service and a friendly environment.
I do not take my customers for granted whatsoever.
I need them!

However, my approach with Hello Yellow is to be myself and to use social media (including this blog) to strengthen my relationships with customers and potential clients.

I realize I risk losing a few along the way by sharing my day to day interactions (you've got to crack a few eggs and all that), but it's been my experience that I have more to gain by exposing my true colours.

Though I would never out anyone by name (or by photo) in a public forum, it's likely I will continue to bring the humour of my day to day in small business to my followers.
It's what my people want.

Customers can rest assured they are safe from public "outings" if they show me the same kindness and respect I show them.

It's all in good fun folks. If you like it, awesome.
If you don't? Not so awesome. But totally ok too.

Emily Arbour
Emily Arbour


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