Product Photography 101

Amy Eaton of Winsome and Whimsy Photography hosted our first workshop in the new shop last night  and, man, was it a healthy combo of fun/valuable information.
How have I survived so long without a lightbox?

Amy taught us a ton of great things.

What makes a great photo, how to take great shots whether you're using a pro camera or a stinky smart phone), how to project your brand image through your photography, how to compose an image, how to make a lightbox (which really is the secret folks...and so simple!), how to stand out among the vast (vast!) competition.

Also she makes us laugh. Something about buttertarts...
Definitely buttertarts. Who needs a studio when we can do THIS at home!?

I learned a boatload of things I didn't know I didn't know.
Which I love.

The class was so well received we've decided to host a redo for those who missed out.
If you're a maker wanted to get started selling online, I'd say Product Photography 101 with Amy is a MUST ATTEND.

Tuesday November 5th beginning at 6:30 (and ending sometime close to 9pm), join us in the shop for this awesome workshop.

Book before it fills up by sending me a note at

Workshops are back baby!
Hope to see you soon!

Emily Arbour
Emily Arbour


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